This is what I do, I lift weights and I teach other people how to lift weights. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks, no crazy one-legged balancing acts, just you and the weights.  There's a reason why weight training, in it's basest form, hasn't changed over the years, because it works!  That's not to say we won't have variety!  Believe me, there are TONS of different ways to work each body part. My goal is to get every client I work with to the point where they can walk into any gym and know what to do.  We're going to get rid of any feelings of intimidation and make every gym YOUR GYM.  And learn to have fun with the whole process along the way.  And think you're too old??  Think again!  You're never too old to make yourself stronger.


Oh, the dreaded cardio.  Yes, we need to talk about it and maybe do some of it...sigh.  After all, it's good for your heart and your lungs and all that good stuff that keeps you healthy.  But, and there's a big but (no pun intended) we're going to do it smart! No spending hours on the treadmill, we don't want to lose all that new muscle we're building.  There are smarter ways to do cardio, so we'll talk about that and figure out the plan that's best for you!


Oh yes, it's a necessity.  But if you're going to put in the work at the gym you want to be able to see all of those amazing changes right?  But I'm going to make it as painless as possible.  I will never change your entire world overnight when it comes to food and I don't like saying that you can't have something ever again.  Small changes over time is the way to go.  No one wants to be on a diet for the rest of their lives so let's make food your friend and learn how to respect your body while still having some fun now and again.  We'll work on eating intuitively and understanding the basics of nutrition.  Like not starving yourself, that's a big one.  It will be eye opening.  No fad diet nonsense here.

Disclaimer-I am NOT a licensed dietician nor do I play one on TV.  Everything I know is from 33 years of experience, both personal and in training others and my number one goal is your health.  That being said, there will be no crazy nonsense on my watch.  You eat healthy, you eat plenty and you still allow for some fun.  Simple!

Nothing will change until you take a step forward....