Reasons why you might need a trainer...

Just because you're a guy, or your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife works out, or you watch youtube videos or read magazine workouts, does NOT mean you know what to do in the gym.  Need to kick it up a notch?  Or just need someone to remind you that you're stronger than you think you are!  I'd be happy to do all of that for you!

Do you know what to do when you pick up a weight?  Do you know why you're doing that exercise?  Do you know what muscle you should be feeling?  Do you know that it's the right exercise for you at this time? Do you truly understand proper form and can you adapt it to fit your body?  No one is born with an inherent knowledge of all things gym related.

Or maybe you've been going to the gym for a long time but feel like you've plateaued.  Do you need a change?

Lifting is serious, but it can be serious fun as long as you don't get hurt and know what you're doing.  And it's a skill that needs to be learned just like any other skill.

What's Included If I Train You...

Personal Training is a small title for a big job.  There are many factors that go into helping someone develop skills to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Your time in the gym is just one aspect of this journey.  What you eat, how you feel about yourself, your expectations, how you deal with friends and family, your sleep patterns and learning that it's okay to be a bit selfish when it comes to your health are all a part of the endeavor and all of them are incredibly important to your success.  So, whether you're new to the gym and feel that you need guidance with any or all of those things, or you're a veteran just looking for a new direction or to infuse some fresh ideas into your routine, I'll be there to help.

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