Since retiring from bodybuilding at the end of 2016, I decided to try my hand at jewelry making and have found that I absolutely LOVE designing new things!  At this time I am selling some of my jewelry but only to individuals that request it.  That way I can make exactly what you want in the colors that you would love! If you're interested just shoot me an e-mail and we can chat about what you'd like.  I'll keep adding to these pictures as I make new stuff so if you're interested in having something made, let me know!

My jewelry prices are set on a base price plus the cost of materials. Some of the jewelry takes much longer to make than others.  I use a variety of beads and natural gemstone beads such as Lapis Lazuli, quartz, aquamarine, czech glass, copper, silver or gold metals, onyx, moonstone, agate, and turquoise to name just a few.  I make these one at a time so my prices will be a bit higher than some big companies that are able to buy the components in bulk.  However, they will not design one just for you!

I will be adding more of the base costs for the bracelets I've made over the next week.  Also, because it's just me and me alone making these in my home, and I still have to take time out to lift and train clients, there is obviously a limit to how many I'll take on at a time!

Thank you for your interest!!

(Base price indicates typical beading, gemstone beads will be extra depending on size and quantity)

Mixed Triple Wrap bracelet-leather, beads, and button-Base-$100

Mixed Quad wrap bracelet-same as above-Base $110

Mixed 5 wrap bracelet-same as above-Base $120

Triple wrap all the same-Base $100

Herringbone superduos with button-$125

Loomed-Base $140 (price will vary based on width and design and closure, these typically take quite a bit longer to make)

8 wire mixed bead with closure-Base $40

3 wire mixed bead with closure-Base $25

Memory wire 6 wrap base-$50